The Annual Essay Contest for Children and Young People 
of African Descent 2010

Winners 2010 – Worldwide.pdf
Winners 2010 – UK.pdf

                                Congratulations to all participants!

7-10 Years
First                                    Tyreece Asamoah  (UK)
Second                             Jaden Stephenson  (UK)
Third                            Tied:  Kwaku Appau (UK) and
Buruk Yeshidenberg (USA)

11-13 Years
First                      Amoah Alexander Hindenburg (Ghana)
Second                                 Lisa Abisai (UK)
Third                  Tied:    Flint Aseidu Gyau (Ghana) p2 and
Agyiri Boafo Michel (Ghana) 2 3

14-16 Years
First                                 Ouedraogo Illassa (Burkina Faso)
Second           Kabore Palingwende Alimeline (Burkina Faso)
Third                                     Diallo Aissa W (Ghana)

United Kingdom

7-10 Years
First                                   Tyreece Asamoah  (UK)
Second                           Jaden Stephenson  (UK)
Third                                     Khalid Kerr (UK)

11-13 Years
First                                       Lisa Abisai (UK)
Second                       Safiyyah Muhammad (UK)
Third                                  Shani McIntosh (UK)

14-16 Years
First                                      Sonia Nyathi (UK)
Second                              Mluleki Mvubu (UK)
Third                                Jabril Muhammad (UK)


Certificates and feedback have been sent to all participants.

Financial Supporters and Special Prizes
Thank you to the following generous Judges who provided the Prizes and Special Prizes for the essayists:

But, first a some people and organisations to thank for their belief in the value of this initiative and the impact their input is having on our children.

Participating Organisations
I would like to thank the following organisations whose staff understand the value of the Essay Contest for Children of African Descent and chose to encourage the children they work with to enter.  It takes a lot of work to support and prepare the children as well as to chase them, collect their work and share with them the feedback from the Judges.  Thank you for your dedication and commitment to your children.

United Kingdom
Berrymede Primary School
Claudia Jones Organisation
Lemuel Findlay Supplementary School
Mapambano Academy
Nubia African Community Foundation School
Vuka Afrika
West Indian Organization Coordination Committee

Schools also participated from Barbados, Benin and Burkina Faso (French-speaking), Ghana, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, USA and Zimbabwe.

A very special Thank You to :
Claudia Jones Organisation
Mapambano Academy
Nubia African Community Foundation School
Vuka Afrika
West Indian Organization Coordination Committee (Manchester)

for bringing their children to the Award Ceremony.


The following families from across the Africa Diaspora also wanted their children to gain from this initiative and asked to participate.

Mr. and Mrs Appia-Kerr, Mr. Muhammad, Mrs. Sessay, Ms. Welsh

Ms. Ford-Walcott, Mr. and Mrs. Azadagli, Mr. and Mrs. Tadefa-Kubabom, Mr. and Mrs. Amassah-Arthur, Mr. and Mrs. Enakuba

Mr and Mrs Sene

Every year this contest is greatly enriched by the contributions of the Judges from across the African Diaspora who selflessly give their time and energy to support and encourage the children with inspiring feedback on their work.

Washington, Toyin A, Max T, Faith A, Ama A, Shannon W, Eureka S, Owen L, Harriet M, Abena A, Victor C, Sherlina T, Danny T, Phil W, Valerie M, Jacktone N, Monique T, Sabrina C, Chinyere N, Robert P, Selwyn D, Rachel H, Niikojo, Funmi A, Lola, Pholoso, Ruby M, Felicity H, Nanette D, Dinnah B, Natasha P, Chloe P, Rose M, Angela C, Ateinda E, Maureen S, Akosua B, Ron V, Jessie K, Salma T, Offuneke O, Nyela U

French-speaking Judges
Keon W, Tony M, Ly G, Edwige A, Jean-Jacques S, Mylene  J, Max T, Idelle M, Rene D, Sacha G

Financial Supporters
Jak B, Phil W, Mr and Mrs Ab, Rachel H, Angela C, Mr and Mrs A K, Maureen S, Natalie C, Roy W, Ateinda E, Winston K, Chloe P, Danny T, Mr and Mrs M, Ms C.