The Annual Essay Contest for Children and Young People 
of African Descent 2021

Congratulations to all participants.

It was a pleasure to read your essays!


7-10 Years

First                              Kelvin Asah-Awuku

Second                         Ethan Gunpot

Third                            Grace Dzumador


11-13 Years

First                                Brefo Akua Serwaa

Second                        Franklina Owusua Agyei

Third                            Okello Daniel Blair


14-16 Years

First                              Brefo Kwabena Boahene

Second                         Darko Mercy


Financial Supporters and Special Prizes

As always, thank you to the following generous Judges who provided the Prizes and Special Prizes for the essayists:

Ekundayo, Brenda, Lydia, Cheryl, Michelle M, Michelle R, Amanda, Milan, Roxanne, Yvette, Abeje, Elizabeth, Phil, Naadei, Lilian, Hellen, Julie, Alicia, Gloria, Joy, Vicky, J-C, Tony, Sharon.


Every year participating essayists receive valuable feedback from amazing people of African descent from across the African Diaspora who give their valuable time and provide excellent feedback to each participating essayist.

Thank you to the following Judges who gave their time to read and provide constructive feedback to our contestants.

Al, Abeje, Alicia, Alisa, Brenda, Diana, Dixie, Ekundayo, Elizabeth, Gloria, Hellen, Henrietta, JC, Joanna, Josiah, Joy, Judi, Julie, Leslie, Lilian, Lorna, Mali, Michelle M, Michelle R, Milan, Naadei, Naajar, Nicola, Omara, Osai, Phil, Prophet, Roxanna, Sabora, Seymour, Sharon A, Sharon W, Tammra, Temba, Tia, Tony, Tye, Vicky, Yvette, Yvonne.


Certificates and feedback will be sent to all participants shortly.